Intent Lead Engine

Our ‘Intent-Lead-Engine’  – Tailored, multi layered, B2B ‘Intent’ based lead generation programmes rescuing pipelines and  driving growth

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It would be fair to say, most companies have experienced a significant reduction in their pipelines in recent months.  Challenging trading conditions, together with traditional lead-feeds from events no longer providing the pipeline inputs companies once relied on, has created the ‘perfect storm’.

Our ‘Intent-Lead-Engine’ service aims to not only rescue dwindling pipelines, but to make them stronger than they were before. With multiple, rich layers of ‘intent’ established, our ‘Lead-Engine’ identifies those companies and contacts, at the very start of their buying journey and even before they know they have a ‘need’!


Trading conditions will improve over time and those key events will come back, albeit in a different form, but our clients and the broader world of B2B marketing have been awakened to the power of bespoke, multi-layered ‘Intent’ based lead generation programmes.  This is a clear paradigm shift in the way companies market and sell their products and services in the future.

  • More leads entering the pipeline
  • First to enter the client buying cycle
  • A consistent regular flow of leads
  • Higher value leads
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Shorter sales cycle time
  • Top and bottom line growth


We understand, lead ‘Intent’ metrics around outputs such as downloads, opt-ins, meetings etc are important and our lead-gen programmes delivers on all of these, but we also understand that the ultimate measure of success are the outcomes:

  • the rate and extent we’re able to help build the value of the sales pipeline
  • pipeline conversion rates
  • growth to the top and bottom line.

We have therefore developed a uniquely tailored, multi –layered ‘Intent-Lead-Engine’, to unlock the full potential of our clients sales and marketing programmes

  • Pre Campaign ‘Intent’ + Campaign ‘Intent’ to be established.  Multiple, richer levels of ‘intent’ establish
  • Clients choose the ‘Intent’ qualification metrics that are important to them and at a level that delivers the optimum number of meetings with the highest levels of ‘Intent’
  • All campaign data built afresh and to our clients specific ‘ideal customer’ personas, strengthening quality of leads provided and improving conversion and revenue outcomes
  • All leads are provided with a comprehensive ‘Intent’ qualification report, enabling ranking/prioritisation and tailoring of communications
  • Blended content-led nurturing campaigns, to include email and/or social media programmes to ensure all lead qualification opportunities and trust-levels are maximised before engaging ‘sales-mode’ – we don’t rush things
  • On-going monitoring of target universe to trigger new levels of ‘Intent’ qualification and alerts to communicate with companies showing higher levels of ‘Intent’