The Process of Knowing

Leveraging technology and our sector knowledge, we build, manage, monitor and analyse, data, insights and content for businesses large and small around the world.

Business & Financial Information

We help our clients source, extract and organise their business critical data and a blend of technology and sector/data experts is used to deliver cost effective, scalable solutions.

Marketing & Sales Solutions

Using an efficient blend of technology and human intelligence, we provide a range of data build, validation, enrichment, analytics, persona and account based marketing (ABM) support services.


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Our Clients:

Business & Financial Information

We help companies source, extract and organise their business critical data – whether that’s to support our clients business intelligence & information products, or to provide them with an advantage over their competitors, we apply a blend of technology and sector expertise that delivers high value, cost-effective, scalable, real-time solutions.  Our deep understanding of the sectors and worlds our clients operate, enables us to work strategically with our clients and deliver solutions tailored to their exact requirements.

In Cognition, we have found a strategic partner to support our global expansion plans. Cognition have been professional, right from the point of building a team as required, to sourcing comprehensive information on companies globally, managing peaks and troughs in demand and maintaining  global SLA’s

Global Business Development Director, Credit Reporting Company

Marketing and Sales Solutions

Leveraging technology and our sector expertise, we’ve developed an innovative range of data, intelligence and content based solutions to help companies maximise their return on their marketing and sales programmes.

Working with budgets large and small, we provide a broad range of solutions, from building & enriching data to supporting multi-channel account based marketing programmes. 

Prior to the commencement of any marketing data project I’ve undertake with the Cognition research team, they have always gone the extra mile to capture and really understand our exact requirements and, as a result, the data delivered invariably exceeds our expectations in terms of volumes, relevancy and accuracy. 

President, North American Agriculture Publisher


Research and Survey Support Our world-class research and survey support team possess regional, sector and language expertise to effectively complete projects across the globe.  Questionnaire designers, survey programmers,data collection and primary research specialists source the data and information  our clients  need to effectively fulfil their research objectives.

Sector Analyst Support We also build and manage teams of business analysts dedicated to our clients specific requirements. With a tailored blend of skills and sector expertise our analysts become a seamless extension of your in-house team for however long you need them. This scalable option provides first-class analyst skills in an affordable and flexible way.

Insights through content Working alongside our insight hub we have and team and network of content and editorial experts who monitor, curate, abstract, classify and summarise content to deliver a broad range of business critical insights to our clients specific requirements – trends, innovations, regulations etc

Cheers was able to help us revamp one of our product offerings with more robust and up to date information on the global construction industry. We were so impressed with their work, we started using them as a resource with our other product offerings in the energy industry as well.

Global Energy Editor and Research Director