Compliant Processes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. For what purposes does Cognition collect company and contact data?

A. We collect company and contact data to exclusively support our clients’ B2B marketing objectives.

Q2. What categories of data is typically collected?

A. Data attributes collected include:

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Mailing Address
  • Company Switchboard Telephone Number
  • Company Email Address
  • Contact Work Email Address
  • Contact Job Title

Q3.  How does Cognition collect company and contact data?

A. Our data collection is based on aggregation from sources in the public domain and we apply desk and primary research methodology.  Sources are tagged against each data attribute collected and made available on request by the data subjects.  Public sources include:

  • Company reports
  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Industry and community platforms
  • Promotion announcements
  • Company news
  • Trade magazines
  • Business news websites
  • Company websites
  • Job postings
  • Social media

Q4.  How do we ensure that transparency requirements of GDPR and other global regulatory requirements like PIPEDA, have been met?

A. By using the doctrine around legitimate interest, every data subject obtained from the research  is sent an email to inform them that we have obtained their data and this includes the following data points: Company Name, Company Address, Switchboard Telephone, Contact Name, Job Title, Contact Email and any other data elements that additionally may have been obtained from research, that they will be contacted specifically  by our Client who wish to work with them or their department. If a person asks to be removed from this process, their name is immediately removed and systems are in place to ensure that their name is not added at a later date.

As we do not resell any data that is developed for our clients, we would undertake this process exclusively on our Client’s behalf thereby reinforcing the extent of legitimate interest in reaching out to these individuals, which is in contrast to similar programs undertaken by list brokers or platform based providers

In regions such as Germany, Australia, Canada, where there are additional compliance requirements, Cognition enables communication with key contacts through non-email channels such as telephone and professional networks.

Q5.  For how long do we store company and contact data?

A.  Data is held in our systems for a fixed period of 90 days following  which, the information is purged.  Bespoke retention periods can be stipulated by Client’s in accordance to their own internal requirements.

Q6.  Do we collect and process the data of Californian persons?  How do we ensure compliance with the ‘Do Not Sell’ requirements of CCPA?

A. Refer to our process outlined under Question 4.