B2B content marketing activity continues to increase

Study after study show that businesses who are executing on a smart content marketing strategy are driving more web traffic, more leads, and more customers—all more cheaply than their counterparts who are focused on paid digital marketing.  According to a recent the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 69% of the marketers are increasing the level of content marketing activity and 29% state it’s at the same level year-on-year.

So what are the key trends behind the rise in content marketing activity:

Blogs and social media continues todrive the gowth in content marketing

B2B marketers are often struggling to find the best way to distribute the content they create. Statistics from the CMI report indicate  marketers are still dependent on social media and blogs or short articles to connect with their target audiences with 95% using social media and 89% published blogs over the past 12 months

According to the research, 95% of the B2B marketers used social media and 89% published blogs or short articles during the last 12 months.

LinkedIn continues to dominate but the organic and paid landscape

During the last 12 months, LinkedIn was the preferred choice of marketers for both paid as well as organic marketing efforts. For paid social media platforms, the social site was used by 75% of the marketers and 95% in organic marketing. However, there are also other platforms that lead the social media herd.

For paid marketing efforts, Twitter was used by 29%, Facebook by 66%, YouTube by 11%, and Instagram by 17% of marketers and the same platforms were used by 86%, 83%, 53%, and 46% of marketers for organic marketing efforts, respectively.

Outsourcing content creation predominates

Organisations intending to increase focus on their commitment to B2B content marketing mostly depend on outside vendors for work.

The CMI data further reveals that 84% of the respondents outsource their content marketing creation requirements and content distribution is the next most likely reason that companies rely on outsourcing. Content distribution was the next most potential reason why companies rely on outsourcing; however, only 31% of people mentioned it. The data also states that 50% of marketers outsourced and 50% did not; 71% of the companies that opted outsourcing were large entities with nearly a thousand employees. It was also revealed that the overall success a company achieves with its content marketing had less affect on whether the enterprise decided to outsource.

Before making any decision, companies must evaluate their in-house resources and find out whether they are able to provide the enterprise positive results it is looking for, because outsourcing may not be the right option every time.

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