Marketing Operations: HubSpot Specialist

Location: Bengaluru, Remote

We are looking for a HubSpot expert with demonstrable, hands-on experience implementing HubSpot’s marketing, sales, operations, and customer service automation. In addition, the person should also have managed Email and SMS marketing.

You should have a solid understanding of the HubSpot Inbound Marketing ecosystem in order to facilitate lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and closing.

You will be responsible for executing marketing automation and inbound strategies, as well as implementation within the HubSpot platform.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Set up and manage marketing/sales automation through Hubspot
  • Marketing Hub:
    • Setting up a newsletter, Managing Blog, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Pillar-Cluster strategy, Marketing Automation
  • Sales Hub:
    • Sales Enablement using documents, Meeting tool, Sequences, Calling tool integration, Task management (follow-ups), Deal Management, Reporting, Mail provider integrations - Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Service Hub:
    • Automatic ticket creation, Custom stages of a custom Service pipeline, Workflows within different stages, Automatic ticket opening and closures
  • CMS:
    • Website migration, Domain configuration, Website management, Traffic analytics
  • Leverage all HubSpot features effectively;this includes:
    • Import/export of data (contacts/companies/deals)
    • Data segmentation
    • Creating active and static lists
    • Data normalization
    • Email Marketing using HubSpot (newsletters, promotional, services)
    • Creating deal stages and pipeline
    • Create conversation inbox
    • Lead Generation implementation
    • Creating emails (content, design, and automation)
    • Creating Landing pages (content, design & development, and automation)
    • Creating workflow & sequences
    • Creating Chabot’s/chat flows
    • Creating Reports and dashboard
  • Manage and improve engagement programs in HubSpot to move leads through the marketing and sales funnel
  • Own and execute automated Hubspot email and multi-channel campaign
  • Setting up and maintaining triggers and workflows
  • Segment and analyze prospect database to target campaigns
  • Own the lead scoring and manage the handover to sales of leads for prospecting
  • Ensure data about lead quality and results is captured and utilized for subsequent processes
  • Brainstorm and develop email marketing strategies and test their success and key metrics
  • Map & own the customer journeys and buying cycles within HubSpot, creating campaigns and workflows that support them from contact acquisition to retention
  • Manage all aspects of Hubspot program execution including form creation, landing page development, email template design & customization, list import, audience segmentation, UTM tracking, automated triggers, A/B testing, email deployment and reporting
  • Build, test, and deploy complex email campaigns that include a combination of A/B tests, audience splits, and dynamic personalization, Enhance existing HTML for mobile-responsive emails via HTML, CSS, and/or AmpScript.
  • Advise and strategize the creation of web pages, landing pages, emails, templates, forms, workflows, contacts, integrations, settings in HubSpot
  • Work with the content team to develop content to attract, acquire and nurture qualified and targeted audiences to the business
  • Work closely with the marketing team on strategies for customer acquisition and retention
  • Coordinate with marketing to ensure all campaigns are delivered on time, with proper segmentation to maximize engagement

Required Qualification:

  • 5 years of experience in actively using HubSpot platform including CRM, marketing, and sales automation
  • Minimum 2+ years of email marketing experience, preferably in a consumer environment (B2C)
  • Good understanding of SQL, PHP and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with both QA and QC in a digital / development environment
  • Familiarity with segmentation, data-schemas, drip campaigns, email delivery processes, data privacy laws, list management, and targeting, knowledge of dynamic content and campaign automation
  • Stay on top of Industry knowledge – newest trends, new technologies, email personalization. Eager to learn
  • Hands-on experience in HubSpot feature usage, email campaign delivery, setup & analytics
  • Excellent analytical, organizational & troubleshooting skills
  • Good in data analysis and reporting
  • Customer Journey Mapping experience
  • HubSpot Certified
  • Experience in WordPress CMS
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