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Challenges Faced by Clients

Uncertainty is the
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Truer today than it’s ever been
The environment in which we operate and run our businesses and organizations continues to change at ever increasing rate and this creates challenges and of course opportunities. The ultimate winners are those that effectively interpret what’s going on and stay ahead of the curve by taking quick, data driven, business critical strategic decisions.  With an ever more complex web of information and disinformation at our fingertips, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise.
According to a Forrester study, 71% of businesses find it difficult to gather and analyze pertinent data to produce useful insights. Another survey by Gartner reveals that 44% of data and analytics (D&A) leaders within organizations find it challenging to align market intelligence initiatives with their overall business objectives.
At Cognition, we understand the importance of effectively integrating market intelligence initiatives with the broader strategic planning process.  We help businesses stay ahead in an ever-changing market with our bespoke market reports. We offer strategic insights tailored to our clients’ specific business needs, empowering them to define and drive sustainable growth.
What WE DO

Unleashing Business Potential

Working closely with each client, we provide sector-specific intelligence through comprehensive and customized market reports and, because nothing stands still for very long, we continue to support clients
with on-going timely updated and real-time market monitoring. We have specialist teams that support the following areas and, while each program is tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, we have developed
a tried-and-tested approach and framework for each area that delivers the actionable insights our clients require for growth.
Tailored, timely and affordable Market Intelligence delivering enabling effective strategies
What it is
  • A) Identify the key opportunity areas for business growth by analyzing the market on four pillars—
    • a) market size and growth (and future outlook),
    • b) competitive landscape (value chain, key players, white spaces),
    • c) key customer segments (demand segments, size, growth, unmet needs), and
    • d) technology and regulatory landscape (and their impact on the market)
  • B) Analyze the identifies opportunities on their ‘growth potential’ (size and growth) and the client’s ‘ability to win’—to shortlist the most relevant opportunity areas for the client and create a short-term and a long-term road-map (GTM strategy) for each of those opportunity areas
What it covers
  • 1. Market Overview
    • a) Market Size & growth
    • b) Market Segmentation (by type, category, distribution channels, end-use, etc.)
    • c) Market Trends
  • 2. Competitive Landscape
    • a) Value Chain
    • b) Competitor landscape
    • c) Key Competitor profiles
    • d) White Space analysis
  • 3. Customers
    • a) Segmentation, Demand size, Growth
    • b) Insights into buying preferences
    • c) Key Competitor profiles
    • d) Unmet needs (current and future)
  • 4. Technology & Regulatory Landscape
    • a) Technological evolution and future outlook
    • b) Regulatory environment and its impact on the market
  • 5. Go-to-market Recommendations
    • (Opportunity analysis)
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What it is
Gain a competitive edge by—
  • A) Developing an understanding of the competitive landscape, including competitor benchmarking and ranking, and a deep-dive on select competitors to get a honed-in view on their business performance, products, and strategies.
  • B) Ongoing monitoring (AI+HI) on critical themes (customized for a specific industry, priorities, use cases, etc.) and accessible through a platform (Cognition’s Media SIGNALS)
What it covers
  • A. Competitor Landscape:
    • a. Company Overview
    • b) Competing Products
    • c) HQ
    • d) Number of employees
    • e) Turnover
    • f) % Growth
    • g) Net profit margin
    • h) Turnover per employee
    • i) Target markets
    • h. Target audience
    • i. (other parameters as needed at company or segment level)
  • B. Key Competitors Deep-dive:
    • a. Business profile
    • b. Strategic roadmap
    • c. Products
    • d. Management team
    • e. Financial performance
    • f. Key Customers
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What it is
Understand the potential of launching an event in the target market by evaluating the extent of the problem that the event would address, deep-dive into the key themes, analyze the competing events at the national and global level, and provide actionable recommendations about the format of the event, target exhibitors and visitors, and other key parameters
What it covers
  • 1. Evaluation phase
  • 2. Deep dive phase
  • 3. Competitor Analysis
  • 4. Recommendations
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What it is
Gain insights into a specific industry’s ESG framework, the risks in the supply chain, and understand the costs associated with business practices that may negatively impact the environment
What it covers
  • 1. Landscape – Industry ESG Environment
  • 2. ESG Compliance Framework
  • 3. Supplier Due Diligence & Risk Mapping
  • 4. ESG Self-Assessment
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What it is
Identify the potential to launch a new product in the market by analyzing the demand potential (scale, growth), target audiences, competition, and provide detailed go/no-go analysis to know whether the idea is worth pursuing
What it covers
  • 1. Market Need
  • 2. Market Demand & Segmentation
  • 3. Competitive Analysis
  • 4. Recommendations
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Why Our Clients Work with Us

The Power of
Customized Insights

Our Differentiation for Your Success
Our solution offers a tailored, comprehensive market view aligned with clients’ specific goals. With supply and demand-side analysis, regulatory assessment, and expert recommendations, our reports and on-going support are designed to be the catalyst companies need for growth.
  • Our research experts simplify complex information, delivering timely and actionable insights.
  • Projects are typically run with a schedule of go/no-go stages, ensuring ‘good money’ isn’t thrown at projects that appear from the early research stages to be loss
  • All budgets are catered for and we have a range of flexible commercial models that work best for the client and the specific project – project-based, annual commitments, FTE, Credit model
  • By leveraging AI and HI, our tech-driven, human-led methodology enables the processing of huge volumes of data and intelligence, while delivering clear simple strategic direction and all done in an affordable, sustainable way.
  • Through our industry monitoring solution, Signals, clients receive continuous market updates and real-time insights to ensure necessary strategic course corrections are made in a timely Our robust distribution capabilities, optimized value chain analysis, and personalized integration options amplify the impact of our intelligence.

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