Analytics-Driven Lead Generation Solutions

Tailored Programs Delivering High-Quality Leads and Business Growth
What it solves

Overcome Lead Generation Challenges

Increasing competition, ever tighter data regulations and new working paradigms post COVID have all made the process of generating high quality, compliant marketing and sales qualified leads much harder.

  • Increasing volumes of high quality leads
  • Eliminating lead activity and spend to segments that deliver a negative ROI
  • Increasing conversion rates and shortening sales cycle times
  • Delivering compliant leads, wherever in the world
  • Clear understanding of the market potential and performance
how it works

Acquiring Pre-Qualified Leads through Analytics

A Tailored Approach to Targeting the Right Prospects
Cognition’s lead generation solution is based on an analytics-driven approach. We create detailed target personas that have a high degree of predictability around the performance of the data. Once the personas are created, we size the market for the number of companies and contacts that fit each persona, and from this, create tailored lead generation plans with visibility on the expected ROI.
Our lead generation solutions are focused on two operating models, Marketing Qulaified Leads (MQLs), and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), which provide clients with high-propensity target markets and personas, as well as intent-to-buy triggers. This allows us to provide as many pre-qualified leads as the client requires and wherever in the funnel they require them.

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Why Our Clients Work with Us

Unmatched Value and Differentiation

Cognition’s lead generation solution adds significant value for clients. Our core differentiators equip clients with a combination of market intelligence, analytics, and iteration so that they can take the learnings from those to rapidly increase conversion rates, ROI, and predictability around campaign performance while understanding the full potential of the market or markets in which they operate.

Data Compliance

  • Cognition’s data compliance framework ensures compliance with GDPR, CCPA, & HIPAA
  • Collaboration with leading EU and FTSE 100 firms

Maximize Marketing ROI

  • Direct data builds towards companies & contacts with a high propensity to buy.
  • Prioritize segments with the highest ranked propensity to buy
  • Eliminate negative marketing ROI by not selling repository data

Predictability of ROI

  • Provide a clear understanding of how multiple tiered segments of the market perform
  • Detailed sizing of each market segment according to the propensity to buy

Lower Cost per Sales Qualified Lead

  • Levels of market segmentation enable tailoring of messages to decision-making units
  • Market sizing and assessment provide a roadmap to engage & buy from your company

Higher Quality Leads

  • Combine market intelligence, analytics, and iteration
  • Generate higher quality leads with a better return on investment

Control on Volume and Budget

  • Provides control on the volume of leads and budget
  • Provides control on the volume of leads and budget
How We Partner with Our Clients

Collaborative Solutions for Business Growth

Achieving Your Business Goals with a Tailored Approach
Our two operating models provide tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Marketing Data Leads use lead scoring and analytics to establish high propensity target markets and personas. Sales Qualified Leads utilize “intent to buy triggers,” content nurturing programs, and social media to generate high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into sales. Our collaborative approach ensures continuous optimization, helping businesses move the needle for sustained growth.

Two Operating Models Aligned
to Your Unique Needs

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Marketing Data Lead

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Marketing Data Lead

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