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Analytics-Driven Lead
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Tailored Programs Delivering High-Quality
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What it Solves

Overcome Lead Generation Challenges

Empowering Business to Rise above Challenges and Drive Profitability

Increasing competition, ever tighter data regulations, and new working paradigms post-COVID have all made the process of generating high-quality, compliant marketing and sales qualified leads much harder.

Our range of Lead Generation solutions at Cognition aims to deliver the following in a consistent and cost-effective way:

  • Increased volumes of high-quality leads
  • Elimination of lead activity and spending on segments that deliver a negative ROI
  • Increased conversion rates and shorter sales cycle times
  • Regulation-compliant leads, wherever in the world
  • Clear understanding of a market’s potential and performance
  • Analytics, iteration, and market intelligence to drive conversion rates and predictability around returns on marketing spend
How It Works

Analytics-Driven Lead Generation & Qualification

A Tailored Approach to Targeting the Right Prospects at the Right Time with the Right Pitch
Based on the clients’ specific requirements around the number of leads and where in the qualification funnel those leads are required, we put together a blended solution from the following:

Top-of-the-funnel Leads

We take an analytics-driven approach by first analyzing our clients’ customer data and engagement data behind past and on-going campaigns; from this, we segment, rank, and size the market according to each segment’s propensity to engage.

This provides the direction to build target data, prioritizing those segments that deliver the highest ROI. We either deliver the data to the client for them to execute the outbound campaign or we undertake the campaigns on the client’s behalf.

‘Intent-to-buy' leads

We work with our clients to first understand what the key intent triggers are for each of their products and the markets they target. A monitoring taxonomy is engineered from this to identify companies and key relevant stakeholders – and provide data and intelligence on those to enable the right messaging to the right people at the right time.

People Movement Leads

We build a list of key people to track—current clients, past clients, engaged prospects, etc. We then track these contacts and provide updates to the sales and marketing teams when any of the following dispositions change:

  • Moved to new company (company details, new role and responsibilities, replacements, etc.)
  • Moved to a new role within the same business (new role and responsibilities, replacements, etc.)

Lead Qualification

Inbound leads generated by the client are first qualified and then enriched to 

  • Provide an understanding of the potential of the lead and the appropriate level of sales investment
  • Tailor the pitch according to the lead’s likely requirements
  • Reach all key stakeholders – decision makers, influencers, users – beyond the original contact lead
Why Our Clients Work with Us

We Deliver a Collaborative and Iterative Approach for Optimal Results

Cognition’s lead generation solution adds significant value for clients. Our core differentiators equip clients with a combination of market intelligence, analytics, and iteration. Clients can take these learnings to rapidly increase conversion rates, ROI, and predictability around campaign performance while understanding the full potential of the market or markets in which they operate. Our ongoing iterative processes enable us to refine our solutions continuously, allowing clients to obtain the best results possible.
Value our clients derive:
  • A blended solution delivering the quantum of leads required, when they are required and at the required level of qualification
  • An analytics-driven, on-going iterative process that provides a deeper understanding and richer picture of how a target market engages, helping:
    • Direct activity and messaging to deliver incremental improvements in ROI
    • Provide more predictability around returns on activity and investment
  • A robust 5 staged data compliance program that helps clients generate leads from wherever in the world and whatever the regulatory landscape
  • Flexible operating and commercial models
    • For large or small requirements
    • For specific one-off projects or on-going support
    • With outcome based, transactional, credit and FTE based commercial options
  • Sector dedicated teams that understand the worlds our clients operate in and the dynamics of our clients’ markets to help alleviate the time required from in-house teams and ensure returns are maximized

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